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Server Security Is Low

By ISP-Crackers Security Team -

BlackHats Nomads Team


مراجعه کننده عزيز موقتا از آدرس زير براي ورود

به پرشين بلاگ استفاده کنيد


در پاسخ به گروه هک کننده بظاهر عراقي

سايت اين گروه مورد حمله ما قرار گرفت و

ديفيس شد


Attention Visitor

Since Cyber war has begun many have entered it with different purposes. A great number of individuals and companies have received casualties and huge budgets have been spent on security. We are also soldiers of this war.
As you know Persianblog.com domain has been redirected by a group of seemingly Iraqi people as a result of some childish objectives and short sighted policies. As a response to this action IraqHack.com was also changed.

Now you can access the original website using Persianblog.IR.

Unfortunately we cannot understand who they actually are.

But listen:

Please don't  play with Iranian hackers again! God damn you!



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